Hampshire and West Sussex Hindu Cultural Society(originally as Hampshire and West Sussex Hindu Samajam) was founded in 2012  by a group of enthusiastic people with the sole aim of preserving our age-old Hindu traditions. Ours is a non-profit voluntary organization dedicated to the principles of Hinduism. We are an organization which is  At our community, we regularly conduct monthly Bhajans, where we sing devotional songs in all Indian languages. We also have a family get together every year. We organize religious and cultural functions, which includes celebration of festivals, lectures, music and dance performances by distinguished visitors and members of the local community on a regular basis to give our children and adults many opportunities to have a glimpse of the Hindu culture. We regularly participate in charity work and have worked alongside many charitable trusts in the past. All our kids are members of Balagokulam, where they learn to appreciate their cultural roots, learn Hindu values in an enjoyable manner and make good friends. They will also develop a sense of Sewa, Service to humankind. Our organization aims to promote inter-racial harmony and build a future generation appreciating Hindu values and traditions.

Founder Members:

                                           RAKESH THAYIRI, MANU JANARDHANAN, ANAND VILAS, JAYARAJAN PERUMGOTHRA,                                                                                                     ANUPAMA ANAND , SHOBHA ANAND , SARITHA SABU, SHOBHA PRASAD 



Started as Hampshire and West Sussex Hindu Samajam with only 6 families under the guidance of National Council of Kerala Hindu Heritage UK.
Celebrated our first family get together.
Expanded the organization with more families.
Celebrated different cultural and religious events attended by people around Hampshire and West Sussex.
First Ayyappa Pooja which was a huge success and stepping stone
Conducted more cultural programs integrating people from various backgrounds.
Conducted Barbeque for friends and families.
Purnavidya was integrated
Started integrating with other organizations to do good for society.
Expanded to a community of more than 30 families.
Chichester Vedic Society joined and became a massive support.
Balagokulam started for kids as a major success.
Dance classes for kids started in Chichester under the guidance of Vidya teacher
Charity work done as financial aid for people suffering from severe illness.
Conducted cultural events by bringing in well known and renowed artists from all over UK.
Charity events such as providing food for homeless people in Southampton along with Satya Sai Seva Samithi.
Became Hampshire and West Sussex Hindu Cultural Society.
Evolved as an organization with support from 50+ families.
Charity work done for people in Kerala who lost house in floods in Kerala.
Website started for Organization
Language Class Started

International Yoga Day celebrated on June 21st with attendees from across Hampshire.
Conducted Social and Cultural events which benefits society.


meaning "May all beings everywhere in the world live in
happiness and freedom"


A world in which the well-being of Hindus is secure and
all people and the planet thrive.


The Hampshire & West Sussex Hindu Cultural Society strives to create an environment of unity whilst catering to the social and spiritual needs of Hindu community encourages learning and discussion about Hinduism( Sanatan Dharm) amongst its members and wider community.

Hindu Cultural Society
Hindu Cultural Society


Satya - Be truthful. We pride ourselves in offering programming and information with accuracy, integrity, and honesty.

Ahimsa - Be non-harming. We aspire to work and communicate fairly and respectfully.

Viveka - Be discerning. We approach our work through careful contemplation, reason, and consensus building.

Utsaah -Be passionate. We are passionate about Hindu Dharma, the global community, and our work.


  • To support Asian Hindu Community in and around Hampshire, West Sussex area.
  • To encourage them to practice Hinduism culture especially the young generation.
  • Help people who are in need and enlighten their lifes.
  • To promote the Hindu values & principles, thus helping to learn more on Hinduism,
    ancient scriptures and the Vedic heritage.
  • To undertake , organize and do all things
    (religious, spiritual, charitable, educational, social, cultural and sports)
    as may be deemed proper and conductive towards the social and
    cultural advancement of the community.
  • Social service based oh Hindu Philosophy, ”MANAVA SEVA MADHAVA SEVA”,
    which means, ”Service to humanity, is service to God”.
  • To establish a place of worship (Hindu Temple ) in Hampshire – West Sussex area.